Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday's Call and Response

... where I muse on the musings of others ...

"Here's my complication: I've actually lost a little weight lately, which is a good thing, given blood pressure issues, etc. What's funny is that I think it's made me focus more on my physical self, and I have immediately found things to be dissatisfied with that I hadn't been worried about before."

Isn't that just the way? Has anyone ever, in the history of the world, gotten on a scale or looked in the mirror and felt satisfied? I don't think so. It's a sad and natural and, I'm beginning to think, an inevitable result of physical self-contemplation. The mind is a tricky critter. We see the scale has a healthier number as regards our physical well-being and instead of saying "Yes!," we think "Now what?" Self-improvement is a slippery slope for nearly all of us. I know it's best for me to simply not know how much I weigh. I know the best thing I can do for my mind-body connection is yoga. And despite knowing this, I skip the yoga and get on the scale, with the usual result of dissatisfaction. I think the best we can do is be aware that we ARE going to feel this way when we put extra attention on our appearance for whatever reasons. The only real help is to balance those feelings with reminders of what has been accomplished -- like a lower blood pressure reading -- and knowing that wanting to do more is only human, and then to try, really really hard, to let those new worries go.

Can I get an amen, sister?

Sister, amen!

Today's Mantra: No guilt. No Guilt! NO GUILT!

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